The Salon Upstairs
The Salon Upstairs

Solo Stylist

Salon owner and total badass.  With over 19 years of experience and an
Aveda background, I brings a straight foward approach to the hair industry.

     I first started doing hair in Arlington from the ground up. Started as a apprentice to the floor and started building my business. After 6 years I decided it was time for something new!

    I went to a lease salon, after 2 years.... it was time. Move to Fort Worth and open my own place.  I found a cool building located on Magnoila above a police station. The area was kinda shady but shady can kinda interesting.


After 6 years it was time to expand. I moved into double the size of  building on Main St, after 6 years  my life became about something that should be more important. I had forgot two very important things.... family and my clients. 


   So it was that time again.... new adventure! I moved to a small location on St. Louis with one goal in mind, take care of my own shit! 






The Salon Upstairs
 120 St. Louis Ave Suite 121

Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: 1.817.870.9993 

Please note if you call during normal buisness hours, please leave a message. I will not interup my clients service to answer.

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